Who We Are

Tamisha Bourne – Founder and Licensed Massage Therapist

The story behind JuvenaScents

The idea for JuvenaScents was sparked on a trip to Panama. While taking some time to recharge and find balance at a spa, I was inspired to recreate that experience for others. In the past I didn’t understand why self-care, rejuvenating activities were important and how replenishing they are to our well-being. However, I have given it much thought and have come up with a system of techniques to revitalize and re-establish balance.

At JuvenaScents our staff of licensed therapists take the time to understand your individual challenges and develop a customized approach for you. One approach does not fit all. People have different levels of stress and others may have fewer stress management techniques. This is why we use an integrative approach to maximize stress relief and management. We work with you and use your feedback to inform and guide how best to serve you.

You enjoy the convenience of fully relaxing in your own environment at a time that fits into your demanding schedule. No need to drive before or after your services so you can make the most of your “Me Time”. We transform any space and create the ambiance for a customized session that addresses your specific need no matter the desired outcome. Our goal is to meet your relaxation needs.

Our mission

The mission of JuvenaScents is to be a viable partner in your self-care. Our business is designed to be a convenient option for the busy, often stressed professional.  JuvenaScents is committed to helping each client achieve optimal wellness. We will identify those things that are contributing to your stress and work to mitigate them. Our integrative massage services are here to support personal wellness, reduce stress and muscle tension and improve overall health.

Community Service:

JuvenaScents is passionate about giving back and committed to serving the needs of the communities where we live and work. We are defining what that give back will be and looking forward to sharing that with you. Thank you for your business. Your patronage supports these efforts.


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